Monday, 26 March 2012

Rutland Water

So Sunday morning arrives, the sun is beaming through the curtains and the not so faint sound of 'the call of Edie' can be heard from her bedroom, so what to do? We run through a few suggestions, gardening? no, visiting relatives? no... the suggestion agreed upon, a trip to Rutland Water.

I've never been to Rutland Water before and as the weather is so great we pack up the car, pack up the baby and pack up a picnic too...

I LOVE daffodils...can you tell its Spring?

Dear Hubbys not so wised suggestion of the day, lets go and hire a boat....
Erm, No! Let's sit on dry land and WATCH the boats

I think we must have walked around 5 miles, the scenery was incredible

The levels seemed pretty low (considering its March!) We were able to walk along the water front part of the way

The locals, they favoured my cheese salad sandwich over hubbys tuna and chilli

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  1. Fab pics Sarah Louise love those ducks Hugs Elaine