Saturday, 31 March 2012

Daisy Doll


I LOVE dolls, i can't deny it.

I've always been a girly girl, pink, fluff and feathers, dress up and yet more pink. When i was very little my sister and i used to dress up our dolls in clothing our Mum had saved which belonged to us when we were babies, nostalgia moment there...

Edie is a little more 'robust' she must take after Mr JBS for that, the pair of them roll around on the floor whilst she giggles wildly and then they rull around on the grass kicking footballs and getting dirty...additions to my washing pile added frequently, which is fine. As the weather has been so incredibly amazing the last week it's been so nice to see them 'let loose' together, we have been on more trips to the park and lake than i can count and i think the local duck population must be sat proudly on their nests with little stuffed duck bellies. So, here's hoping Daisy doesn't need her outfit changing to a football kit before the week is out.

I will attempt to not over spam this post with photographs, although i took a few. Daisy found herself modeling against my beautiful 'off white' vintage dressing table, iloveitiloveitiloveit

Ok, Daisy. I found a beautiful pattern for Miss Daisy Doll, which is by SugarNCream - Which you can find here (sign up free) There are other outfits and styles are also available for this doll and you can customise them yourself.

:: EDIT ::
Just to add, the 'necklace' is actually Edie's Amber Teething Anklet, unfortunatly it no longer fits Edie and i keep it in the draw of my dressing table, it is just for the picture, not for little hands :)

As i was low on brown low (fail) Daisy ended up being a blonde, she makes a good blonde though i think, her leggings and t-shirt are complete with her body and then you can make accessories to match

(above, below) This is Daisy's wardrobe so far, a jacket pattern and skirt pattern are available on SugarNCream

Although the doll shown on SugarNCream has shoes i couldnt find the pattern so i made copies of the instructions for her legs (upto the ankle) and added laces so they can be removed.

Were off to the park shortly, complete with Daddy, football and Daisy...Hope Daisy is doesn attempt any knee slides!


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  1. Sarah Louise she is adorable well done !
    I love those cuite little booties Hugs Elaine