Monday, 27 February 2012

That Monday Feeling

We'll after this weekend i could do with a holiday!

After an 'Edie Free' Saturday Evening my lovely husband and i decided to get cracking with my decorating project (well, he was made too much to his disgust as he loathes decorating)
Our box bedroom was stripped of its bed, computer, pictures etc and i nice clean splash of good old Magnolia was applied, our box room has been painted in an off white with red 'highlights' which suited it well as a spare room/study vibe but the time had come though for a make over requirement, with the view that 'everyone loves Magnolia' for people browing for property (as were on the market still) Magnolia seemed a logical choice. It took a mind boggling SIX coats to cover our red feature wall and now...i am exhuasted.

Tonight for tea i have cracked out the trusty crockpot and a homemade (slow cooked) Lasagna is on the Menu, can't wait to try it out...

Hope you have enjoyed this lovely weekend

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