Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Granny Blanket Squares - continued

I'm feeling more than sorry for myself today, i have an awful cold and hurrendous sore throat (i ended up dragging myself downstairs last night hunting for throat sweets in the dark) My darling husband has suggested an allergy to all the decorating this weekend...charming!

Anyway, onto the subject of Granny Squares...so far i've made eight, yes eight! I'm still in single figures but there is no rush so i'm spreading it out. I'm quite proud of them, the colours look great and after finding two more balls of wool in the car at the weekend (yellow and brown) it's looking prettier by the day.

Granny Squares so far...

I'm off now to hunt down some more throat sweets and to get a large mug of hot honey and lemon

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  1. Hi Sarah Louise , I used to crochet with my mum when I was small, and we made blankets using these squares sewn together. I have to say they are still as good as new, even after all these years.
    I am your newest follower
    Hugs Elaine