Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Drip drip drop...

We'll today i've donned my 'not so' happy face...

I've heard of April Showers (and i love watching the rain) but really? March was happy, glowing and full of the joys of Springtime, April so far is...well, rubbish, i suggest it tried again. This weather atleast is giving me a break from the watering of my new Herb Patch (i'm totally in LOVE with it) My Mommy dearest has a very vintage metal tub, i think it was a bath at some point?! It's a great size and after a brief suggestion of a re-home she very kindly agreed to let me remove it from storage, dust it down and i am now the very proud owner of my own mini herb garden (in-a-bath).
Seven seed packets and a couple of bags of compost later, voila. I must admit that the novility of hauling myself down the garden at around 7pm in an evening to water them is kind of waryng off slightly now and, as of yet (planting took place last week) no herbs are visable which is somewhat disapointing to my oh-so-impatient self. I'll add some pictures once iv'e been outside...when it's stopped raining that is...

As the weather has been so awful the park visit which Miss Edie and i had planned for yesterday was put on the back burner, sad but true. Our local park is beside a beautiful lake and now Spring has sprung the swans and ducks are back, unfortunatly the slightly stale bread was binned and the crayons came out instead, Edie mused over her colours and which one to attempt to scrawl on our coffee table with next! whilst i mused over other things.

For a while now i've been looking for a nitty gritty time consuming crochet project, something with a productive ending. I think stuffed animals have been done to the death and now Daisy is complete (with her new weaved wig and extra stuffing) so i've opted for a blanket instead, as things are a little chilly still i've picked nice bright, warm spring colours which will sit in with Little Edie's bedroom once complete. I've opted for something like this

[raspberry, wam pink, baby pink, cream, white, peppermint]

It will be a granny square with varied sizes (rows) of colour which will be random. Size will be what i make it, who knows, providing its a good snuggle blanket i don't really care. Probably a 4mm hook. This is the general idea but with a dark pink too.

freakingexcitedabouthisproject - :)

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  1. Gorgeous colour scheme for the blanket, I can't seem to master anything other than crocheting in circles :)