Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The big house move

We'll were still 'on the market' it's been about a month now and as always with the best laid timing were looking to sell our humble abode in a property slump....sigh.

At the end of 2011 hubs and i were made aware of a bungalow on a stunning little cul-de-sac near to his mothers home and where he grew up...its perfect, we'll we could make it perfect. The front view isn't much to look at but the sloping rear garden backs onto row upto row of open fields and greenery, i could sit and look out across those fields for hours. The price is good, the condition....not so good, if we manage to get this home we will have one heck of a renovation job on our hands, attic would be converted (it's currently only a 2 bed) a world away from the luxury of our spanky new build 3 bed but we could strip it back and start from scratch, the attic would become a huuuuge master bedroom complete with ensuite and fitted dressing room/wardrobe - ch-ching!

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