Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Start at the very beginning's a very good place to start

Hi *waves*

For sometimes now i have debated starting my own blog. Things have got in the way of course, work, a baby, life in really, i have had valid reasons. Now little Edie has turned one, i've finished work and i'm managing to balance a little me time along with motherhood and feathering our little nest of a home the idea has once more crept into my little mind, so here goes...

I'm unsure which way (if any) this will go, crochet im sure will be included. I have recently been bitten by the bug that is crochet, i draw the line slightly at bordering on obsessed and i wont admit to watching countless hours of youtube tutorials but hey, we all need a hobby right? This is my new one.

Anyway, thank you for reading and stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day

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